I have been accused of plagiarism. While I may have posted one or two pictures mocking said accusers (something they have done quite often as well), their accusations are ridiculous and ego driven. So, my rebuttal below.

Market Day

My picture of Flux Sur Mer was taken and uploaded before yours. According to your criteria, this is plagiarism. Kindly remove yours.


~ The True North, Strong and Free ~

The above picture was taken and posted to Flickr in honour of my countries’ birthday, on June 29, 2015. Both you and your poptart posted similar pictures using the same pose and prop in honour of your countries’ birthdays after I posted mine. Again, according to you, this is plagiarism. You know what you have to do!


Such an ass

This picture was taken at Sarawak and uploaded to Flickr by me in August 2014. You posted a very similar one taken at the same location in January 2015. However, since I’m not crazy, I didn’t suspect you were copying me. Or were you?



I went to church on December 15, 2014 to repent, way longer before you went on April 15, 2015.  SINNER!!



Taking pictures in Second Life that may resemble yours, on popular, photo-friendly sims, isn’t plagiarism. Also, many people use the same poses, so to say that the poses I use which are similar to yours,  is proof of plagiarism is simply ridiculous. If this were the case, you could accuse most SL residents of the same. And if your poptart likes to shop at the same stores as me or receives a collar from someone, like the heart necklace that was given to me from my Sir, that’s not plagiarism either. It just means we both have good taste in pixel clothing and accessories.

I have more pictures I can put up here but I have a life, and obviously, my ego isn’t as big as yours. So please, stop the bullshit accusations and get over yourself.


gree-eyed monster

blue monday

Blue Monday

Skin – Glam Affair – ( Katya / Jamaica / 499L )

Hair – *ARGRACE* – ( Azusa / Cinnamon / 250L )

Shirt/Panties –  {d o l l l e*} – ( Unbuttoned Loose Shirt + Underwear / white / 295L )

Mesh Body – The Mesh Project

Playlist :

I’m back… maybe?

After quite a long absence I am back and ready to go. SL has changed a lot for me this past year — some bad but mostly good. I have found love again — a sweet, pure and uncomplicated love. I have made some amazing new friends and become closer to my old (I’m looking at you Raven and Sid). I’ve also somehow landed a couple of jobs in SL, jobs that I’m really sinking my teeth into and that are giving me a new purpose in world.

As a result I want to start blogging again. I have missed the creativity that comes with blogging. Granted, I am far from a fashion maven but I do enjoy SL fashion and on top of that, I really, REALLY love taking photographs. I may as well combine the two and see what I can do with it.

I won’t be posting daily as I don’t have time for that. A couple a week and I’ll be happy.

I hope to post pictures of fashion, experiences and adventure.

Be gentle, my friends. I’m still relatively new at all of this.


a dedication


princess crazypants


three more sleeps

sl meets rl

Raven Demon

In three weeks I will be tearing up the windy city with this beauty. I simply cannot wait to meet the amazing Ravenstarr, who has become one of my dearest friends, both in SL and out.

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